4 Tips To Start Natural Hair Journey

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Starting your natural hair journey can be trying and downright difficult at times! I'm here to share my 4 tips that helped me get my natural hair journey going even when it was extremely difficult to do so! 

1. Big Chop (I know it's scary!)

Big chopping is a scary thing to do, because who really wants to cut off all their hair however this is highly recommended as you will be able to really learn your texture as it grows out. Also, it gives your strands a fresh start without having to deal with the damaged hair if you were to just transition slowly. Not to mention the confidence boost it will give you to rock that TWA! 

2. Learn Your Hair Porosity (no, seriously) 

Learning your hair porosity will help you when selecting products on your new journey. Instead of just experimenting and hoping for the best! Your hair porosity can be found by taking a strand of hair and putting it into water. If the hair floats to the top then you have low porosity hair. If it sinks you have high porosity hair and it floats in the middle your hair holds moisture normally. 

For our curlies with low porosity, you need products that will really penetrate the hair shafts while high porosity curlies need products that are heavy enough to provide moisture for longer periods of time. 

3. Learn Your Hair Density 

Is your hair thick or fine? Can you see your scalp when washing your hair? If so you most likely have fine strands. Meaning you don't want products that are on the heavier side as they will weigh your hair down. If you have thicker strands then you are going need a product that features ingredients on the heavier side. To keep all your strands moisturized. 

4. Don't Try Every Product You See 

Research is fundamental and can save you a lot of money! It is one of the main reasons we created our hair quiz to give you a complete wash day routine. Learning your hair can help you weed through the tons of products out there. 

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