5 Tips for a Spring Wash n Go

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Outside is opening and people are anxious to be there. In your excitement, a Wash n Go may be the simplest style to get you ready and stylish in a short amount of time. To make sure your Wash n Go is perfect for your day, you have to be mindful of the warmer weather. Depending on the climate you’re in, warm weather can sizzle and fry your hair like no other! It’ll beg for thirst but never seems to be quenched. We’re here to offer some tips to help solidify the beauty and ease of a good Wash n Go for Spring!


1) Cleanse Consistently

 I’ll never get tired of saying this: WASH YOUR HAIR! Wash your hair at least once a week to get rid of the nasty buildup that’s accumulated on your scalp. This buildup is preventing your hair from thriving as great as it should be! This of course affects how you choose to style your hair, so your Wash n Go will be limp, dehydrated, and smelly. Now, why would you want to torture yourself like that? To ensure your curls are clean and defined, take some time to cleanse your scalp! Shampoos such as the Cashmere + Caviar Hair Bath by CURLS and OYINS’s Ginger Mint Co-Wash Invigorating Cleansing Cream gently cleanse to rid the scalp of impurities.

To really diminish all impurities, integrate a scalp massager and Clarifying Shampoo into your routine! Since it’s warmer outside, it’s even more important your scalp health is optimal, and your strands are clean!


2) Emulsify your Conditioner

When applying your conditioner, emulsify your conditioner with some water. 60% should be water and 40% should be of product use. Conditioners such as Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner by Moisture Love and Soultanicals’ Hibiscus Hair Healer Healthy Scalp Therapy Mask nourish the hair to improve elasticity and reduce breakage. The best hydration for a Wash n Go comes from water. Water is the basis of everything so the cleansing and conditioning process will solidify curl hydration and definition. The best way to do so is to use a spray bottle and a tool for detangling so the drying process is quick!


3) Less product goes further than you think!

 Again, less product is more! Now that the weather is warmer, the more product you use will increase the likelihood of a greasy, messy feel. To avoid all of that drama, use a lightweight styling product. The Twisted Sista’s Foaming Curl Pomade has air-infused technology to provide curl formation and movement like no other. If that product doesn’t work well for your Wash n Go, try something a lil bit creamier such as the Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner smoothes the hair cuticle to remove knots and tangles that torment your hair!


4) Leave it alone!

Once you’ve finished your routine, leave it alone to dry! Don’t play with your hair too much or the curls vanishing before you know it. Depending on your necessity for speed either air dry or use a diffuser to your liking. Either way, let your curls and define themselves as time goes on throughout the day.


5) Wrap it Up.

After about two days or so, it’s time to wrap it up. Learn to let go of your hairstyle when it begins to do more damage than good. It’s hard to deny that after a few days, your Wash n Go takes on a new life. It becomes dry and brittle like no other. The heat increases the likelihood of your curls needing a refresher quicker than normal. It’s dehydrated! It needs a refresher. The use of water or a refreshing spray will aid your curls in attaining some of its OG status! The Honey’s Handmade Plum Rose Refreshing Coil Spray and Eden Bodyworks Citrus Fusion Refresher Spray will serve you just right because water is still listed as their first ingredient!


Wash n Go can be a pain when it’s warmer outside. Now that it is, implement these tips to alleviate all the stress of retaining moisture for a perfect Wash n Go!

Please feel free to comment your favorite tips for Spring Wash n Go! Have you ever tried a Wash n Go during the warmer months? How do they work out for you? Take our personal Hair Quiz to let us help you out! Our Summer Collection has just become available so you won't have to worry about serving your Summer body well. Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ericasbeautyshop to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!


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