4 Tips To Avoid Hair Damage

Posted by Erica Patterson on

We all want long strong and beautiful strands. So how can we keep our kinks and coils strong without damage the answer is simple! Follow these steps below to ensure your strands stay damage free. 

1. Be Gentle With Your Hair

No excessive pulling, combing nothing! Be gentle with your hair in every state wet or dry. Also, remember not to detangle or comb dry hair as it is more prone to breakage in that state. 

2. Avoid Wearing Updo's Often 

We all love a good high puff or bun, but these hairstyles can be very damaging to hair in the long run and can even cause thinning of the edges and breakage at the root due to the constant pulling. 

3. Avoid Heat Styling 

A good silk press is always the way to go, but too much heat can and will damage your strands. Also, doing heat stretched styles can cause damage over time. When doing heat styling aim for using overhead heat instead of direct heat. 

4. Invest In A Good Conditioner 

A good conditioner can help bring your hair back to life! Investing in a good conditioner and conditioning regularly can help stop damage to your strands fro regular styling. Our top conditioner recommendations: 

Strands Of Faith Intensive Conditioner 

Rizo Curls Deep Conditioner 

Curls Blueberry Hair Mask 

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