How To Grow Type 4C Hair

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To all my 4C kinkys this one is for you! We know that you want be hair goals as well and despite popular belief 4C hair is just as capable as growing up till waist length with the proper regime. One thing to remember regardless of hair type is that growing your hair requires patience and consistency! 

So let's get this growth started. When defining what is 4C hair it is mainly defined as tightly coiled strands with a very tight zig-zag pattern. It doesn't have a set curl pattern and is mainly defined by styling the hair via twisting or shingling. It is the most delicate hair type and is prone to shrinkage and dryness. Which can also aid in its slow growth. 

Now two things that play a major factor in hair growth: 

1. Genetics. 

2. How you retain moisture. 

These will play a major factor in your growth journey and is also important to keep in mind when comparing your hair growth with others. So what tips and tricks can help aid in your journey: 

1. Shampoo ... OFTEN 

Despite popular belief shampooing your hair approximately every two weeks creates an amazing environment for growing your hair. This keeps your scalp and hair clean, removes product build up and allows moisture back into your hair. Also make sure to co-wash or use a sulfate-free shampoo. 

2. Get Picky With Your Hair Products

Don't just use every products thrown your way! Do some research and invest in products that work for your hair. You definitely want to invest in products that will bring moisture to your hair as 4C hair tends to be on the dryer side. Investing in a good sealing and growth oil will definitely help. 


Trimming your hair is necessary when split ends are involved as split ends can and will undo all your progress. So trim when you notice your ends getting a little thin and you're noticing more breakage than usual. 

4. Detangle ... WITH CAUTION

Detangling 4C hair can be a challenge as the hair tends to tangle more easily. We recommend using a detangler with really good slip and purchasing the KAMALEJE- Kurls And Detangler Comb

5. Protective Style ... BUT TAKE BREAKS 

Protective styling your hair is always good but make sure to allow your hair breaks in-between these styles. As over protective styling can lead to breakage. It is also advise not to leave styles in for no longer than 4-8 weeks.


Thats it! Do it every week as this will encourage blood flow to your scalp. We recommend doing it right before bed for about five minutes. Using a scalp massager tool will definitely aid in this process. 

7. Deep Condition ... 

Deep conditioning will help your kinks thrive. As stated before 4C hair is prone to being dry while deep conditioning will help bring that moisture back in. Well moisturized hair doesn't tangle and won't break off meaning you can grow your hair and still retain length. 

Now that you have the tools its time to start growing! 

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