The 5 Best Hairstyles for Men

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The summer heat is quickly approaching. Time spent outside gets longer as the day gets hotter! If you’re planning to be outside, looking and feeling good is a top priority. The way you choose to style your hair can aid the boost of change you’ve been wanting to get. Men’s hairstyles are deeply underrated so take time to educate yourself and try something a lil different! Here are our favorite hairstyles for men! With proper maintenance and care, your hair will be revived and replenished! Maybe you’ll feel tempted to try one out?


1) Waves 


Waves have done a complete 180 and come back into style! To keep them spinning 360, it’s important to have a great base. To retain a great base, the scalp must be clean and adequately taken care of prior to your commitment! Shampoo and conditioner such as Scotch Porter Hydrating Hair Wash and Frederick Benjamin Grooming Conditioner Invigorating Moisturizer are known for their hydrating properties to eliminate dryness and dandruff! 

After you’ve finished washing and conditioning, a light product to solidify moisture is recommended. Leave-In conditioners such as Uncle Jimmy’s Hair & Beard Leave-In Conditioner soften the hair follicle to protect your hair from damage and excessive buildup! 

2) Locs 


The beauty of Locs is their versatility. Depending on how the hair was parted, the locs can fall as they may! They’re a protective and long-term commitment so taking care of them requires consistency and dedication. Hydration is key. A spray bottle, deep conditioner, and holding cremes will work miracles with your locs. Deep conditioners and holding creams fortify the strands to allow deeper penetration for better moisture retention. Tree Naturals ZEN Men’s Hair & Beard Deep Conditioner is notorious for its sweet citrus smell to leave hair buttery smooth! Uncle Jimmy’s Loc Hold is an option to follow up the deep conditioning process. Ingredients such as black seed oil and beeswax won’t leave sticky residue so it’s perfect for molding styles such as Locs.


3) Twists with a fade 

Twisted hair is always a solid choice if you’re looking for a neat and stylish protective style! Much like locs, twists require butter and consistent hydration to keep the hair nourished. The Curly Temple Spiced Orange Gel Definer for Men maximizes curl definition and shine to leave your twists properly cared for! 

If you choose to style your twists with a fade, it’ll add dimension to sculpt and center the look even more! Fades can go with any style no matter how long or short your hair is. 


4) Buzzcut 

Just because your hair is shaved, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be taken care of! Unlike the other hairstyles, the scalp is most definitely central to maintaining this look. Since the hair is so short, scalp care is easier! As stated before, the scalp will make or break hairstyles so building a routine that’s solid is increasingly important. If you choose to grow your hair, your scalp will already be taken off so hair can grow at its best! A solid shampoo and conditioner will set you right. The OBIA Naturals Legendary 4-in-1 Cleansing Bar is multipurpose and enriched with castor oil, avocado oil, and activated charcoal to detoxify without stripping the skin of its moisture. If you’re looking for something a lil bit different, The Mane Choice Head Huncho Hair & Beard Shampoo + Conditioner = Too CLEAN will invigorate the senses with physician quality vitamins and nutrients for stronger hair. Your scalp will be cleansed and hydrated to style as you please!  


5) Line up

Line-Ups go with virtually any hairstyle for men. They pack an extra punch to keep the hairline neat and tidy to shape the forehead. If the lineup isn’t right? The whole hairstyle is tainted so be sure a good barber leaves it straight. The cherry on top of this style is the durag! To keep the lineup tidy, a durag keeps the look sculpted to provide additional protection that’s stylish. 



Men’s hairstyles can be applicable to any person. Depending on your personal taste and desire for maintenance, there are vast options that will best serve your needs! No matter what style you choose, your hair will amplify your swag just in time for summer.

Feel free to comment on your favorite men’s hairstyle! What kind of hairstyle do you have now, and would you consider making a change? If you’re in need of new hair products but struggling to find the right one, take our personal Grooming Quiz, to let us help you out. After finding your best-suited hair care products, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our Killin’ The Game Beauty Box for $50! If the Beauty box doesn’t fit your current needs, our Spring Collection has just become available. Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @shopericas to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!


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