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Hair Growth Plus Vitamins

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Not your average hair vitamin!

PROVIDES ALL OF THE NECESSARY VITAMINS, MINERALS, HERBS AND EXTRACTS THAT YOUR BODY NEEDS FOR HAIR GROWTH - ESSENTIAL VITAMINS FOR HAIR, SKIN & NAILS -Hair Growth Plus not only support fast hair growth but this hair supplement also supports healthy skin and nails. Our advanced supplements contain an exclusive combination of the finest vitamins, minerals, herbs and extracts for longer, fuller and healthier hair. Contains 5000mcg of Biotin. More than most other brands. Also enriched with MSM, Keratin, Collagen, Silica, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Fo-ti Root Powder, Golgi Berry Extract and many other natural herbs, minerals and vitamins for faster hair growth. Enriched with 27 natural / maximum strength vitamins, minerals, herbs and extracts to promote hair growth including:

VITAMIN C & GRAPE SEED EXTRACT Powerful antioxidants.
BIOTIN 5000mcg of Biotin to support strong nails, healthy hair and beautiful skin. Supports hair growth and hair loss prevention.
MSM Awesome hair supplement to reduce / reverse hair loss and thinning for faster hair growth.
Help to prevent hair thinning and restore vitality to hair
COLLAGEN A major structural protein of connective tissues (skin health).
KERATIN A protein responsible for keeping the hair strong and pliable.
HYALURONIC ACID Plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture resulting in youthful skin naturally.
COPPER FOR ANTI- GREY SUPPORT & many more vitamins, minerals and extracts for hair growth