3 Conditioner That Really Work Wonders for Type 4 Hair

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A good conditioner is hard to find especially for our dryer types. We did some research and found the 3 best conditioners for Type 4 Hair. 


TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask is like an instant makeover for dry, damaged or colored treated hair. This luxurious deep conditioner contains raw honey for softer, shinier tresses and jojoba and olive oils, which nourish and heal strands in need of repair. The result is hair that never looked so good. 

How To Use

After shampooing with tgin Moisture Rich Shampoo, and conditioning with tgin Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, apply a generous amount of tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask to hair and comb through to ensure thorough distribution from roots to ends. Place a plastic cap over hair and sit under the dryer for 10-15 minutes or leave on the hair for 35 minutes to 1 hour without heat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, followed by cool water. 



Decadent, rich, and luxurious, Honey Hemp is a well-loved detangling powerhouse. Honey, a natural humectant, packs a moisture punch by attracting moisture to the hair, while hemp seed oil, with a rich array of fatty acids, nourishes and strengthens each strand. We then add aloe vera, coconut oil, & a touch of liquid silk to just take the succulence over the top. Rinses easily detangles like a DREAM. Find out why it's your fave naturalista's fave conditioner! 

How To Use

Slather on clean, damp hair. Hum a tune. Detangle, using a wide-tooth comb, paddle brush, or fingers. Rinse well & style as usual,



Our rich gourmet treatment is infused with a blend of pure blue-green algae, packed with 65 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unrefined cocoa and mango butter are artfully blended into this intense deep conditioning formula for maximum moisture benefits. Growth-stimulating biotin extracted from algae is then infused to create this one-of-a-kind softening cocktail for all hair types.

How To Use

Apply an ample amount to dry or wet hair. Leave on for 10 minutes then cool rinse while detangling with a wide-tooth comb. For extra conditioning, don on a plastic cap and apply heat for a minimum of 20 minutes. Allow conditioner to melt away under a cool water rinse.

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