4 Products You Need For A Bright Spring

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Now that it’s officially Spring, it’s time to spring into action with some necessities! The sun is out longer so naturally, you’ll need products to keep your hair and body as light and glowy as the season. It’s time for Spring self-care so here are 4 necessities you’ll need. All products are listed in our Spring Collection so take advantage of this selection!


1) FACE: Sunscreen is a must. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts!

It doesn’t matter the season nor weather, sunscreen needs to be applied. As the days become longer, it becomes increasingly important to apply sunscreen regularly. UV rays can be extremely harmful to your skin and manifest in noticeable damage. Skin cancer and uneven tones are a direct result of irregular sunscreen application. Sunscreen is the only way you’re skin will be protected against UV rays! It’s an easy addition to your skincare routine so it’s not difficult to apply.

Brightening Moisturizer SPF 30 and Black Girl Sunscreen are rich in antioxidants and soothing ingredients to leave your skin protected and sheer! Both are melanin-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about an annoying white cast. Guaranteed, if you integrate both into your morning routine, you’ll see a difference in your skin’s complexion especially if you suffer from hyperpigmentation. 

Regular, repetitive application is the key! As a rule of thumb, if you see sunlight, it can see you! This rule emphasizes the importance of reapplication as long as the sun is up. Every two hours is ideal.


2) HAIR: If you’re looking for a lightweight hold, gel is the answer

Gel has recently become a personal fave. As a part of my weekly wash day routine, the gel has become the only styling product I apply! Gels are perfect for sculpting your curls into a flexible hold with great definition. They’re great for slicked ponytails, twist-outs, and wash and go’s. 

There are a couple of Gels highlighted on the Spring Collection! Rizos Curls' Light Hold Gel is perfect for flake-free, voluminous curls. Aloe Vera, flaxseed, thyme, and arginine are few of the amazing ingredients to leave your hair supple. The Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Ice Curls Glossy Curl Jelly will leave your curls glossed and flawless for great definition. Almond oil, marshmallow root, and grapeseed smooth the hair to be properly styled with minimal frizz and shrinkage. If those two options aren’t ideal, maybe the Curls B N Control Curl Sculpting Gel is more suitable for your taste! Organic aloe leaf juice amplifies a firm hold for your desired style. 


3) BODY: Lotion nourishes the ash away.

Now that it’s time to flaunt your skin, lotion will illuminize your body! Just like sunscreen, lotions are ideal for all types of weather and seasons. Urban Hydration’s Hemp, Lemon, and Rosehip body lotion will nourish your skin to prevent dry and cracked skin. Such specific products will serve your individual needs depending on what you want to target! For example, the Lemon Body Lotion improves the appearance of stretch marks and helps restore the skin’s pH balance. The Rosehip Body Lotion reduces dark spots and lines to brighten and rejuvenate. The OYIN Handmade No Ash At All Cocoa Butter Lotion is ultra-rich in cocoa butter, shea butter, oat protein, and olive oil. It’s lightweight and a great alternative to traditional cocoa butter for sensitive skin!


4) BODY: Scrubs are there to shed your old skin. 

It’s time to exfoliate the dead skin away! Spring is the best time to rid yourself of the Winter Blue’s with a good scrub down. Body scrubs get rid of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother, and clearer skin! The KAIKE Marshmallow Clay Mask and Scrub and KAIKE Chocolate Clay Mask and Scrub are dual-acting and effective! Both can be used as either a mask or scrub to improve the skin’s texture, elasticity, and moisture retention. Specific organic ingredients enrich the experience to make your skin beautiful. The Nolaskinsentials' Eden Glow Body Scrub is said to release the “inner goddess”. This vegan scrub shines like millions of diamonds to smooth the skin with gentle ingredients such as shea butter and organic sugar. 

The Spring Colllection will have you prepped and ready to embrace the season! Your body and hair need to be properly primped so take some time to reward yourself with products that make you feel beautiful and replenished. It’s officially a new season so we gotta embody the new energy that’s ushered in.

Feel free to comment your favorite products from the Spring Collection! Are there new products you’re excited to try? If you’re in need of new hair products but struggling to find the right one, take our personal Hair Quiz, to let us help you out. After finding your best-suited hair care products, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our Killin’ The Game Beauty Box for $50! If the Beauty box doesn’t fit your current needs, our Spring Collection has just become available. Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ericasbeautyshop to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!

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