4 Tips to Conquer the Dreaded "Wash Day"

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The simple phrase “Wash Day” strikes fear in the heart of all naturalists. Just imagining the soaking wet clothes, sore arms, slippery brushes, and globs of product all over the bathroom floor can evoke a shiver. To prevent this fear, it’s important to think of Wash Day as not your biggest foe, but your greatest friend! With this guide, Wash Day will seem less like a chore and more like a personal spa day to reinvent your precious kinks and curls!


1. Don’t Be Afraid to Plan! 

It’s no secret Wash Day can be mentally and physically taxing. There can be many steps involved, especially if pre-pooing and deep conditioning are needed. By scheduling “Wash Day” in your calendar, you’re enabled to feel less stressed and hurried during the act. You can focus on the warm water running through your locks, rather than rushing for a social event you’re anxious to attend on time. If you prep beforehand, your coils and curls will be fresh, styled, and ready for future functions!

 2. Cleanliness is Essential! 

One of the worst parts of Wash Day is having to rearrange your entire bathroom and/or room to make sure all your tools and products are ready. The solution is simple: Prep and clean along the way to eliminate time and stress. 

First, clean your styling tools such as hairbrushes, combs, etc. Other items such as hairbands, scrunchies, bonnets, scarves, durags, etc. should also be cleansed! There’s no telling how much residue, dirt, oils, and unforeseen germs are on them!

To clean your brushes and combs, it’s important to remove as much hair as possible by gently pulling them out. If there are some stubborn strands, carefully use scissors to cut them out. After the hair is removed, get rid of the residue by placing your brushes and combs in a mixture of warm water and clarifying shampoo to soak for a few minutes. If there’s extra cleansing needed, use an old toothbrush to gently scrub between the bristles to make it squeaky clean. After washing, place your brushes and combs on a clean towel to fully dry. If you want to speed up the process, the use of a blow dryer is a great alternative. 

Other items such as hairbands, scrunchies, bonnets, durags, etc., should also be disinfected by hand. Hairbands and scrunchies can be soaked in warm water and clarifying shampoo as well! Gently scrub them with your fingers to then let dry on a towel. For bonnets, scarves, and durags, I’d recommend dispensing a small amount of washing detergent in warm water. Gently scrub to ensure residue is diminished. After cleansing, place them in the dryer on the lowest setting for delicate.  

After washing and drying your tools, you can start the process! Cleaning minimally between each act can be cathartic. For example, after pre-pooing, close then clean the container that dispensed the product. This eliminates future incidents such as spilling or accidentally adding water to the unused product in the bottle and/ or jar. We don’t want to water down the products we spent so much money on. It could spoil future use!

 3. Patience is a Virtue

Rushing through Wash Day can feel unfulfilling if it isn’t done properly. For example, brushing your hair aggressively will create more breakage and strain the follicles. As a result, your scalp may feel sore from the constant pulling and strain. Instead, section your hair and work your way through with plenty of water and time to detangle easily. Tools such as the KAZMALEJE - Kurls and Detangler Paddle Comb and Rizos Curls Pink Detangling Flexi Brush have proven to be customer favorites! Your scalp and knotless ends will thank you!

4. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

There’s nothing quite like self-care in a peaceful environment! Blast your favorite artists or stream a podcast. Here at Erica’s Beauty Shop, we have a curated Spotify playlist specific to Wash Day boredom! Featured artists such as Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, Summer Walker, and more will be sure to keep you active!

There are so many ways to entertain yourself when the process feels boring. For example, while you’re deep conditioning, read a book that’s been collecting dust on your shelf. Paint your nails, fold some clothes, do a little dance, even go through some old emails you’ve been procrastinating to respond to!


Wash day shouldn’t take a literal day. If you prep adequately and remain patient, Wash Day is no longer intimidating. The mantra is to divide and conquer. You can be fulfilled by knowing your beautiful hair was given the proper care it deserves! Self-care is incredibly important especially as we battle the harsh winter months.

We’d love to hear your tips and tricks in conquering Wash Day. Please share in the comment section below! If you’re struggling to find the right products, take our personal Hair Quiz, to let us help you out. After finding your best-suited products, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our Killin’ the Game Subscription Box for $50! If the Subscription box doesn’t fit your current needs, our Winter Collection is also available for a short period! Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ericasbeautyshop to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!

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