5 Famous Hairdos That Are Always In Style

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Who doesn’t love trying new things with their hair? Nothing more satisfying than a quick switch up. Though we all have our favorite styles that we like to switch to, maybe some in which will make this list; there are certain hairdos that are timeless. Whether it represents a moment in history or popularized by a celebrity; a famous hairdo can be the ultimate accessory. 

Here are five famous hairdos that are always in style:


Solange Knowles Afro

The afro is THE most iconic hairdo ever. The power of this hairstyle is so loud that there is no greater statement piece whenever entering a room. Arguably the most controversial style as well. It was so popular that people who can not naturally grow an afro of their own were even seen trying to mimic it at one point. 


Traci Ellis Ross Cornrows

Cornrows are the most recognized of the protective natural hairstyles. Throughout media and tv cornrows were always greeted with a negative connotation. Not really really resonating with  “societal norms”. To natural hair enthusiasts, cornrows speak to a variation. Common for it to be used has a protective style for weaves and wigs. You can see celebrities wearing this hairdo on the cover of magazines and to award shows like Tracee Ellis Ross. Even being controversial in the media, when a magazine wanted to give credit to Kim Kardashian for making” boxer braids” a trend as they did to Bo Derek in the 70’s.

Bantu Knots
Rihanna Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are said to have origins centuries ago with tribes in southern Africa. They're styled by sectioning the hair into parts all over the head, then twisting those individual sections to  form mini knots. It is a cute and flirty hairstyle .The super fun thing about this style is that it acts as a 2-in-1 hairdo as you can also wear it in bouncy curls after unraveling the knots.

Box Braids

Poetic Justice Box Braids

Even though this style takes some time to achieve. It is worth every hour of sitting in the salon chair. A style so classic and timeless that we’ve been known to call out of work and use a sick day for it. Infamously coined “Poetic Justice” braids after Janet Jackson’s portrayal of Justice in the 1993 John Singleton movie. A great hairdo if you are getting ready for summer, going away or just want to commit to a hairdo for more than just a few days.

Faux Locs

Ciara Faux Locs

Stunning enough of a style to grace red carpets today, this island-vibe look can be spotted anywhere nowadays. Who wouldn’t enjoy commitment-free dreads? Perfect low maintenance look. Another protective style that allows you to switch things up without causing any damage to your natural hair.

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