5 Protective Styles That Are Great For Any Occasion

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Yes, it’s true. Protective styles will never go out of style! Not only are they amazing for an alluring presence, but functionality as well! Protective styles are important because they protect your hair from environmental dangers. Heavy and consistent manipulation of the hair is discouraged, so it’s easier to maintain protective styles! The bitter Winter air can be unforgiving on our natural hair, so why not try a protective style? If you’re feening for a switch-up and in need of a break from everyday styling and maintenance, protective styles are a saving grace. They’re versatile and perfect for any occasion! Here’s a list of some of our favorite protective styles suitable for any occasion. You will never go wrong rocking these styles!


1)     360 frontals

Okay, frontals do require more maintenance than the others, but it pays off! Wigs are known for being limitless. Whatever style, color, length, texture, etc. can be recreated or found from wigs! They’re beautiful and can be switched out depending on your mood and/or occasion. Basically, wigs are perfect for their versatility and low maintenance. Before you start purchasing a wig, it’s very important that you take care of what’s underneath the cap! For example, the usage of a clarifying shampoo once a week eliminates buildup and possible dryness. The Bel Nouvo Avocado + Shea Clarifying Shampoo is a great option to do so!


2)     Two strand twists

Two Strand Twists are great for any occasion due to their seamless, natural look. This style looks great on both natural and added hair without length or color being an issue. Depending on the occasion, you can place your twists into a high bun, low ponytail, or leave them down to add some flair. Products such as the Taliah Waajid Lock It Up For Natural Hair and Uncle Jimmy Molding Putty ensures your twists are hydrated and bouncy to truly hold the look together!


3)     Knotless Box Braids

The style that’s taken social media by storm. Like the previous styles, Knotless Box Braids are perfect for versatility. Depending on your mood and/or occasion, knotless braids will always look simple and sweet! They frame faces gorgeously and enable your natural to exist peacefully! To make the style that much better, edge control is always available to keep the styling consistent and smooth! The Uhai Hair Edge Gel and Alaffia Repair & Restore Edge Tamer have proven to be customer favorites if you’re interested in slaying your edges for the event! You can also try sealing the ends with the Organic Avocado Oil to add some needed sheen and protection!


4)     Goddess Braids and/or Locs 

Goddess Braids and/or Locs are more rugged than the traditional box braids we’re used to. Creativity is essential to master this style as it can truly be styled any way you want. You can add highlights, strands of yarn, leave loose strands, and way more! They’re the perfect hairstyle for any occasion because you want to look confident and “goddess-esque”. Although your hair is taken care of, make sure your scalp is as well! The Righteous Roots Rx and Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil help seal in moisture to promote hair growth!


5)     Bantu knots 

A personal favorite of mine! Bantu Knots are incredibly neat and sophisticated. They’re also super easy to style yourself! Depending on the parting of the hair and accessories added, Bantu Knots transform from neat and sophisticated to playful and flirty. They can be styled on both natural and added hair so give them a try if you’re curious! Products such as Miss Jessie's Coily Custard and Honey's Handmade Whipped Vanilla Butter will give your hair some extra shine and increased manageability to make the process easier!


Let’s be real, no matter what style you choose to do, you’ll look amazing with it. The point of this list was to get you thinking of all the amazing protective styles there are out there. The styling of hair is the perfect accessory to all your outfits! If any of the hairstyles got you ready to switch up your look, there are plenty of online tutorials and stylists that will satisfy your hunger. The Winter is brutal, but these hairstyles aren’t!


Please feel free to comment on your own favorite protective styles! Which ones would you recommend for their versatility? Which ones were easiest to manage?! If you’re struggling to find the right products, take our personal Hair Quiz, to let us help you out. After finding your best-suited products, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our Killin’ The Game Beauty Box for $50! If the Subscription box doesn’t fit your current needs, our Winter Collection is also available for a short period! Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so please browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ericasbeautyshop to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!

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