5 Tips For Loving Your Curls

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We all know loving your curls at first wasn’t easy and learning how to manage them was even harder. However, we put together 5 tips that will make loving your curls so much easier and make your curly hair journey that much better! So let’s get started: 

  1. Wear your curls the way you feel most comfortable. With curly/natural hair, we’re blessed with volume galor so even though you may think curls can be a bit of a handful, once you decide to love them, you'll likely get looks of admiration left and right.
  2. Love the fact your curls won’t always do what you want them to do. The fact that our curls are sometimes their own people is half the battle! They may frizz at times or your twist out might come out completely wrong. They might poof during the summer months or become dryer in the winter months. Whatever they might do your curls are a part of you and a great way to express yourself.
  3. Enjoy the extra time in the morning your curls allow you. Because our curls can be very low maintenance with a fluff shake and go your morning routine will now go faster! Even using a protective style can save you time in the morning. Now you can get ahead of the morning treatment. 
  4. Try out different products to see what's best for you. Even though we loving hearing our friends through and recommendations, no 2 curls are the same. So even though your friend loves one brand it may not work for you. This doesn’t mean their recommendations aren’t helpful they could help you find the products you’re looking for. 
  5. Take inspiration from celebrity styles. Celebrities have the benefit of high-end stylists who know what they're doing, so checking out their styles can help you find a style that looks good on you. Look for photos or videos of curly hairstyles online and select the ones you like with that has a similar hair type to yours. 

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