5 Tips To Help Say Goodbye To Frizz

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No more frizz 2020! We put together a list of helpful tips to help say bye to frizz. Because we know no one wants frizzy hairstyles sis. 

1. Conditioner, Conditioner, Conditioner! 

Yes, this one may sound like well obviously I knew this, but no using a moisturizing conditioner can set the tone for styling, and using a moisturizing conditioner can help kick that frizz before styling. 

2. STOP...Using Your Towel To Dry. 

It's time to throw the towel away! Your normal towels will only create more frizz for your curls. We suggest investing in using a t-shirt or microfiber towel, these items will keep your curls from frizzing. 

3. NEVER ... brush your hair while dry. 

This will cause damage, frizz and give your hair a lackluster look. 

4. ALWAYS ...style hair while soaking wet. 

Making sure to always apply products to hair while soaking wet especially leave-in conditioners. Also, make sure to apply more product to the ends of your hair to avoid split ends. 

5. KEEP... your hands out of your hair!

The constant touching of your hair will cause breakage and create frizz! It may look beautiful but keep your hands out of it! 

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