6 Tips For Caring For Your Locs

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Dreadlocks are a very big part and growing community within the black community. So we created the six loc commandments on how to properly take care and grow your locs. It's really time to say goodbye to dry, limp and damage ridden locs. 

1. Moisture! 

Don't forget to moisturize your locs the same way you would moisturize your natural hair. Despite your hair being locd it still needs moisture. Using a hydrating leave-in conditioner is perfect for keeping them moisturized and breakage free. 

2. Deep Conditioning Is Still Your Friend 

While we suggest you wait a little down the road to do this process! However, deep conditioning is very important for caring for your locs. 

3. Don't Forget To Shampoo

It is important to still wash your locs, no matter what the people say. We suggest once a month if you still have baby locs and for more mature locs you can even still wash them every 2 weeks. Just make sure you wash them! 

4. Retwist Them, But Not To Much 

With any hairstyle if it is over done it can cause severe damage and breakage. So retwist your locs but don't retwist them too often, as the strain from getting them retwisted can cause breakage. We even suggest loc protective styles from two loc twist to a loc bun. 

5. Oil Your Scalp!

Your hair health starts from the root no matter what state it is in. So it is still important especially if you suffer from dry scalp to keep your scalp oiled. 

6. A Bonnet Is Still Your Friend 

Just as you would wrap up your natural hair it is still important to wrap up your locs. Just like your natural hair the friction from the pillows we sleep on can cause damage to the hair. We suggest getting a satin bonnet or pillowcase to protect your locs at night. 

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