Scalp Care Regime For Hair Growth

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Scalp care should never be overlooked. Too often we’re focusing on the wrong ends of our hair! The foundation of our hair’s health is the s c a l p, so we have to water our gardens! By nourishing our hair’s needs, inches of healthy tresses are soon to follow. How so? I’m glad you asked. With this guide, your scalp will be so nourished, you’ll be shocked by the number of inches you’ve grown in a few weeks!


1) Shampoo your s c a l p twice!

As stated before, shampooing rids the scalp of all kinds of nasty buildup you’ve accumulated over time. When shampooing, it’s important to just shampoo your scalp. Your strands don’t need excessive scrubbing to clean them, so the scalp is the hardest/most important part! Conditioner focuses on the mid-length to ends, so your strands will be taken care of during the process.

I’ve learned a new trick to ensure the cleansing process is short and thoroughly sweet! 

Round One: First, section your hair into pieces that are small enough to make the scalp reachable all around. If the sections are too large, you won’t be able to reach the parts of your scalp that really need cleaning!  

After sectioning your hair, add a quarter-size amount of shampoo to your hand. A good clarifying shampoo such as the Taliah Waajid’s Stimulating Herbal Cleanser or the Camille Rose Cleansing Milk Rose are needed at least once a week to completely rid the scalp of its impurities. 

Take a little bit of that dollop and apply it to the exposed parts of your scalp all around. Gently use your fingers to scrub your scalp at the exposed parts without water. I repeat, without water! In doing so, oil that’s built up on the scalp is broken down before water is even applied. It makes the rinsing process, much easier when you dry shampoo for a little bit! After scrubbing for a minute or so, take a spray bottle such as the CurlMix Fine Mister Spray Bottle to add some water to your scalp. This eases the scrubbing process from the slip of the shampoo. Don’t add too much, or the foam from the shampoo will overwhelm you! Release your hair from its sections and take another dollop of shampoo and add it to the parts of your scalp that were left untouched from the sections. Repeat the process of scrubbing for a minute or so before adding some more water. To finish the first round, a head massager such as the Rizos Pink Scalp Massage Brush is the perfect option! This relaxes the sense and will make your scalp feel renewed and fresh. Rinse with water that’s not scalding hot to prevent excessive dryness.

Round Two:  This round is easier and quicker than the first so don’t worry! Your scalp should already feel cleansed but to really finish off the shampooing process, add a small amount of moisturizing shampoo. The Canviiy’s Scalp Bliss Scalp Purifying Foam Treatment is ideal since it’s silky smooth and enriched with antioxidants that fight off bacteria such as rosebay, witch hazel, and tea tree! Add another dollop to your hands and massage it into the scalp! You don’t have to section your hair nor spray water so take a few minutes to gently scrub the scalp and let it “soak in’. After a few minutes, rinse the scalp thoroughly and move on to the conditioner.  


2) Condition but not too much

The next parts of the regimen are to be taken lightly. As in, don’t get too handsy with the product. As in, use more water before you add a boatload of product! Your scalp is cleansed so adding additional products to diminish its cleanliness is counterproductive.

Before you add conditioner, section your hair, and spray each section liberally right before you apply your favorite conditioner. I’d recommend moisturizing conditioners such as the Alaffia Coconut Conditioner or Eden Citrus Fusion Conditioner will leave your curls supple smooth to the touch. Make sure the conditioner is only applied mid-length to the ends!

Marinate a small amount of conditioner to your soaking wet hair and detangle as you go with a brush or comb. Think of the 60/40 rule which should be 60% water and 40% product!


3) Style with product, but not too much!

When choosing your styling product, be wary of applying too much! I would avoid application to the scalp as much as possible to prevent unnecessary buildup. The next Wash Day would be a huge chore if your scalp is filled with tons of dirt! 

Again, it’s important to marinate the product and apply the 60/40 rule from the mid-length to the ends. Too much buildup will prevent growth so the scalp should be kept as clean as possible! Lightweight products such as styling foam are a personal favorite for weekly washes!


4) Add vitamins to your diet.

Vitamins are helpful in several ways. They’re beneficial for your overall health which includes hair, nails, and skin. If your diet lacks essential vitamins, you’ll suffer and not reap the full benefits of glowing from the inside out! To ensure your coils reach it’s the longest length, your diet plays a large role! The types of vitamins you absorb into your bloodstream, promote hair growth and its all-around health from the inside out. The Soultanicals Growtanicals Vegan Natural Hair Vitamins is enriched with amino acids to fortify the strand and strength its structure. As a result, your hair will grow close and closer to the sky like a flower! Ingredients such as vitamin E and zinc protect the scalp from damage, so your strands are better protected!


Hair has to be nourished from the ground up before it can grow. It’s gonna take time, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged by the process. As soon as you finish your first wash day with this regimen, you’ll be sure to feel and see the results of a healthier scalp!

Feel free to comment your go-to step for hair growth! What kinds of changes have made a difference in your scalp care regimen? Has your hair grown longer than usual? If your in need of new hair products but struggling to find the right one, take our personal Hair Quiz, to let us help you out. After finding your best-suited hair care products, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our Killin’ The Game Beauty Box for $50! If the Beauty box doesn’t fit your current needs, our Spring Collection has just become available. Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @shopericas to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!

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