Tips for Growing Out a Tapered Cut

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Growing out a tapered cut is not for the faint of heart. There are several periods of unequal, awkward phases of growth that require immense strength to not cut off! You’re looking for change, but change ensures growing pains. We’re here to optimize your experience of growth to make the process as sweet as honey!


1) Patience 

I will continue to proclaim patience as an essential step to the growing process. Patience grants you the ability to be okay with your hair no matter the length or health. Before you know it, your hair will the length you desire but you have to be okay with where it’s at now! Rock your hair for what it is and be proud you’re a boss that’s on a mission. Soon success will be yours so be patient!


2) Vitamins

If you’re really looking to optimize the average amount of growth per month, vitamins are a great addition. They provide essential nutrients that fortify strength and promote hair growth for longer, healthier hair than you’ve ever had. In addition to stronger hair, your nails and skin will also thrive due to increased cell replenishment! The Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Plus Vitamins is an advanced blend of biotin, folic acid, golgi berry extract, and more! Such ingredients maximize your hair’s growth to grow strong as possible. If that doesn’t suit your taste, the CURLS Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin absorbs up to 98% of the nutrients into the bloodstream. Essential B vitamins promote detoxification of scalp cells and hair growth. 

Additional protection is always desired to provide care in ways that are physically evident. Even if you decide to discontinue your hair growth, vitamins are still beneficial to providing nutrients your hair, skin, and nails may lack! 


3) Establish a S I M P L E routine 

A simple routine for haircare will take you far. Once you’ve established one that truly works, it’s difficult to veer away from it. Cleaning your once per week (twice if you’ve done strenuous work) keeps your scalp and hair healthy. After washing, all other products applied promote buildup which encourages dandruff, dryness, and itchiness. Make sure you limit the amount of product applied directly to the scalp and hair to diminish all symptoms that limit your hair’s growth! Trust me when Wash day comes around all that buildup comes back to bite! 


4) Shape up as needed

Although you’re continuing your hair growth journey, it’s important to shape up as needed. A trim will do more good than harm when it comes to the long run! There will several phases of award length so sustain a stylish cut, it’s okay to trim as needed. Because you’ve rocked a tapered cut, there are going to be moments of uneven growth and spots of unexpected dryness from split ends. Keep these moments at bay by trimming and shaping up your hair every 3 to 4 months!


Growing out tapered cuts require a great deal of patience and consistency. Your hair will continue to thrive with the tips shared above to ultimately benefit your hair growth journey! Don’t be upset with the frustrating moments that make you question your growth because it’s going to happen!

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