6 Hair Care Tips Every Teen Should Know

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Last week we spoke about our little ones, but this week we’re gonna highlight our beautiful teens! The teenage years are anything but easy. Being confident in your skin is a journey that takes lots of time. Feeling confident on the inside is often reflected on the outside! To aid that difficult journey, treating yourself to self-care is much needed. Your hair care routine is very much a part of that necessity! Every teen needs to know at least 6 hair care tips to treat themselves to the beauty of self-care and feeling good!


 1) Preparation is everything

Don’t be afraid to schedule the days and/or times you want to do your hair! For example, Wash Day requires the cleanliness of tools such as brushes, combs, scrunchies, etc. Before the day approaches, take some time to visualize and set in motion what exactly you wish you accomplish. 


2) Don’t ignore your urges!

 If your hair is itching, it’s time to wash. If it’s feeling dry, it’s time to hydrate! Use a spray bottle to damp your hair to style it. Don’t deny what your body is telling you. Tune into what your hair is telling you because that encourages change. If your hair is constantly itching or feeling dry, maybe it’s time for some new products! Our personal Hair Quiz can offer some insight if you wanna find the right product. Basically, be mindful of how you’re attending to your hair! Take time to consider how often you wash your hair. Do certain products make you react badly? Is your hair feeling dryer than normal? Such questions push you to say in tune with your body! Building a stronger connection between your self-awareness and body is essential to maturation.


3) Cut it loose before it’s burdensome.

Trim your ends before it gets too much. Although length is tempting to keep, it’s best to let it go before your split ends come back to bite with a vengeance! Every 3 to 4 months, your ends should be trimmed to minimize split ends and encourage healthier hair to grow as long as possible. Dead ends will only stunt your growth so know when it’s time to ensure better, stronger growth.


4) Extend yourself some grace

Be gentle when caring for your hair! Whenever you’re caring for your hair, be gentle with the amount of manipulation you’re implementing. If you’re too rough with your strands, they will break or wear thinner which encourages dryness and breakage! In addition to this, gentle ingredients in your products are a necessity. Gentle shampoo such as Strands of Faith Non-Stripping Shampoo or Design Essentials Moroccan Oil Conditioning Shampoo are great options for a gentle cleanse. Conditioner and styling products such as TGIN’s Rose Water Frizz Free Hydrating Conditioner and OYIN Handmade Shine and Define Gentle Styling Serum will also benefit you in having some tenderness.


5) Everything is temporary

Patience is a virtue. If you’re frustrated with the way your hair looks, it will change whether you like it or not. Our hair porosity will change depending on the weather, it’ll grow inches without you even realizing it, and it will tangle without knowing! It’s okay to be patient with the way your hair is looking and/or feeling. As stated before, extend yourself some grace! Your hair doesn’t define your beauty. As long as it’s cared for, your hair will continue to be the alluring crown you choose to wear! If your hair is really bothering you and you desire a sudden change, cut your hair, add some color, try a new hairstyle you’ve been craving to do!


6) Embrace laziness. Less is definitely more

The best hair care advice I’ve received is “less is more”. This perception has shifted my entire hair care. Rather than being a chore, haircare is really about self-care. Self-care is the most relaxing way to treat yourself and feel renewed with minimal damage.

When applying your hair products, water should be the main ingredient. For example, your conditioner should be marinated with your water. 60% of the process should be water and 40% product. This eases the process and saves your coin! Even your curls will slip and spring with every touch.

To add to this rule, don’t be handsy with the product you use. Using more than one styling process will only increase buildup and make Wash Day that much more difficult. One lightweight product such as Kinky-Curly Seriously Smooth Fast Dry Foam and EDEN Bodyworks Papaya Castor Foam Conditioner will simplify your routine and minimize time, effort, and excessive manipulation. Your ends will be saved, and your scalp will have less buildup and dryness. Again, give yourself a break. If you don’t feel like doing a whole lot, less is more benefits in ways that are unimaginable. 


Haircare is the perfect way to treat yourself. Your teenage years require patience and consistency to get yourself through it. Extremely valuable lessons are learned to help the glo up process, mentally, physically, spiritually, and all else! The tips shared above will only aid that journey.

Feel free to comment on your favorite hair care tip! Were there any tips shared above you wish you knew earlier? What was your hair care routine like during teen hood? Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our Killin’ The Game Beauty Box for $50! If the Beauty box doesn’t fit your current needs, our Spring Collection has just become available. Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ericasbeautyshop to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!

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