Hair Styling Practices You Should Stop NOW

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It’s time to put my foot down and get explicit. No more are we accepting hairstyling practices that ruin our hair! The most basic practices are preventing you from obtaining the hair you’ve dreamed of. You’re unintentionally punishing yourself and it’s time to stop the abuse. We’re gonna highlight the most basic hair styling practices you’re doing wrong. Yes, we’re gonna get explicit so there’s no second-guessing nor doubt as to what you should do! It’s time to listen up y’all and take some notes because I will continue to vouch for these tips!

1) If it’s not silk or satin, it’s gotta go!

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the importance of a bonnet. Bonnets are a cultural staple that helps define black girl magic! Bonnets are typically made from satin or silk material; thus, less friction is applied to your strands when you’re relaxing! The less friction, the more retention. To break it down even further, the smooth material of silk and similar fabrics will enable your hair to retain more hydration. This prevents breakage and dryness in both the short and long term.

If bonnets aren’t your thing, silk or satin pillowcases will do just as well! Of course, silk/satin pillowcases only work when you’re consistent to lay on that pillowcase, every time you lay down. It’s not as portable so you have to be conscious of your choice!

Next, we get to the scrunchies! Yes, scrunchies are stylish and cute, but they’re also better than any rubberband you choose to use for your hair. Like bonnets and silk/satin pillowcases, scrunchies made of the same material bless your strands will their smooth consistency to prevent as much breakage as possible! Your end won’t be tangled, and your coils won’t be thirsty! Our site features Hello Updo’s Silk Scrunchies for different hair textures. Finer hair textures will benefit the most from the “smallish” scrunchies. The thicker hair textures will benefit the most from the “biggish” sizes!


2) Stop shampooing only once during Wash Day. Seriously stop.

Shampooing your hair once is not enough. I repeat it’s NOT enough. Shampoo your hair twice to fully rinse and cleanse your scalp of all the buildup it’s accumulated over time!

To take this step further, clarify then use a regular shampoo. Both shampoos should have hydrating ingredients such as “Water” listed as the first ingredient on the label.

Clarifying shampoo is the best way to cleanse the scalp because it rids the scalp of all stubborn buildup. It detoxes the scalp on the most consistent basis so your scalp will continue to get healthier as time goes on! Options such as the Bel Nouvo Avocado + Shea Clarifying Shampoo and CURLS Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo have gentle ingredients that cleanse the scalp completely! The difference is extremely noticeable, and you won’t regret implementing this into your routine.

The second rinse is to solidify the nourishing ingredients. The common, nourishing shampoos such as Naturalicious Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment for Tight Curls + Coils and Tailored Beauty Coconut Creme Shampoo are enriched with hydrating ingredients to solidify the cleansing process! Your hair will feel softer than ever before!


3) Stop washing once every 3 weeks

You should be washing your hair once a week! No matter your hair type or its porosity, your scalp needs to be cleansed from the buildup it’s accumulated. WEEKLY. A good rule of thumb is: if you’re beginning to smell your hair, it’s time to wash it. Your scalp most likely smells worse so why continue torturing yourself with smelly, itchiness? Release and rinse all your weekly worries down the drain with a good clean!


4) Stop bathing your hair in conditioner. Switch it out with water.

Marinate your curls with more water than conditioner. 60% of the application process should be water and the other 40% should be the conditioner. As you apply conditioner to your hair, it’s easier to section off your hair and utilize a spray bottle for liberal but controlled application.


5) Stop mangling your hair.

Your hair is like a gentle garden that needs water, protection, and gentle care. Whenever weeds come to disrupt your garden, you have to treat them with effective care that eliminates the problem. In this case, the weeds are knotted pieces of hair.

 To make sure your hair is preserved in its best state, spray some water when there’s a tangle. Use a comb or a detangling brush to start from the bottom and work your way up. It’ll loosen the strands and provide more slip so the tangle can be removed without pain!


6) Stop being a Product Junkie.

Resist the urge of applying so much product to your hair! Keep it clean and simple to prevent excessive buildup. Like the application of conditioner, 60% should be water and 40% product.  It’s a waste of time, money, and product. In doing so, you’ll be grateful a simple change saved you so much.

Preferably 1-2 styling products should do you just fine. They would be lightweight, and Water-based so hydration retention is optimal. 



For now, that’s all! There are plenty of other styling practices you should, but we’ll get to them later. The most basic principle is to: Keep It Simple!  

Feel free to comment your favorite styling practice! With a whole lot of ‘no’, there’s a whole lot of ‘yes’. Are there any styling practices you’ve decided to stop? Has stopping made a difference in your hair’s texture? If you’re struggling to find the right hair care product, take our personal Hair Quiz to let us help you out! Our Spring Collection has just become available. Its selection is featured on the Home Screen so browse to your heart’s desire. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ericasbeautyshop to stay informed on restock alerts, new articles, and much more exciting news!

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