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Lemon + Soybean 3-N-1 Scrub

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Immerse yourself in the essence of garden-fresh lemons! Our multipurpose Lemon + Soybean 3-N-1 Scrub will exfoliate, cleanse, and moisture your face, body, and scalp. 

♥ Facial Scrub
Gently exfoliate your face and lips to leave them softer and supple, then rinse. 

♥ Body Scrub 
Smooth all rough areas of your body with easy control of the scrub during your shower.

♥ Scalp Scrub
Part your hair to scrub away dandruff and product build up on your scalp, then shampoo as usual. 

Use 1 scrub (or break off what you need) and with a little water, rub on the desired areas in a circular motion. Rinse off. Shower as normal. For Dandruff: Exfoliate by using your fingers to gently massage the scrub into your scalp. Rinse. Follow with your normal shampoo routine.