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Aloe & Honey Moisturizing Shampoo

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For too long, we've told ourselves that we can't. Can't rock our natural curls. Can't keep our twist-outs moisturized. Can't cleanse our hair regularly without it tangling like a bird's nest. At Curl Theory, our textured hair salon, we hear these stories daily. Guess what? Your favorite new product in your textured hair tool kit is now in your hands!

The Curl Theory Moisture Collection is designed with you in mind. Each product in the Collection prioritizes hydration as the basic building block of healthy hair, using a special blend of oils to maximize hair moisture and elasticity. No more choosing between curl definition and moisture; now you can have both.

Our Aloe & Honey Moisturizing Shampoo provides gentle yet effective cleansing, leaving hair feeling clean but not stripped of essential moisture. This fragrance-free shampoo is ideal for those of us who are fragrance-sensitive. With aloe vera for scalp health, Manuka honey for hydration, and panthenol for sheen and strength, the Aloe & Honey Moisturizing Shampoo is your go-to cleanser in your healthy hair care regimen. Directions: Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water to loosen build-up and open cuticle. Gently massage scalp with the Aloe & Honey Moisturizing Shampoo. Rinse and repeat, or instead use the Curl Theory Scalp Refreshing Conditioner Wash for added moisture in your second cleansing.