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Lavender Body Butter

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Our hair and body butter is enriched with organic ingredients to restore your skin and locks.

They include Shea butter, which conditions the hair, reduces breakage and improves skin moisture retention and elasticity; Pumpkin Seed Oil, which stimulates hair and skin growth; and Kokum Butter, which has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is one of the most expensive butters on the market.  

These ingredients will rejuvenate your hair and skin, while making you feel like spring is always just around the corner!

Size - 8oz

Fragrance - Lavender


Organic Shea Butter: An emollient that locks in moisture

Organic Coconut Oil: Strengthens the protein structure of the hair

Kokum Butter: Rich in antioxidants and helps to regenerate skin cells

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil: A thicker carrier oil known for stimulating hair growth

Fragrance: You'll smell like you're galloping through a field of flowers!