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Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Argan Oil for Softening & Lemon Creme Fragrance

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WARNING: You may become completely obsessed with your curls after using CurlMix.

Get ready to end the product junkie lifestyle and replace all your styling products with this powerhouse.

Our customers say this gel leaves your hair soft, defined, feeling moisturized, elongating your curl, not crunchy, not flaky, and it smells like paradise.

After you’ve used our favorite duo, Wash + Go’s will be your new go-to style. The best part is that you only have to style your hair once a week. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Oh, AND did we mention is handmade with Organic + Natural ingredients you can read! 

How To Use:

  • Step 1 - Pure Avocado Moisturizer
  • Step 2 - Pure Flaxseed Gel (#1 Best Seller)

    Style Time: About 30 Minutes/per week

    Hair Type: It works on all hair types. We aren’t kidding.

    Product Consistency: Gooey + Lightweight

    Potent Ingredient: The Argan Oil softens and strengthens dry, brittle hair which ultimately minimizes damage, growing long and healthy hair. 

    The Flaxseed base adds incredible hydration, while simultaneously providing great hold 

    Style Lasts: 3 - 7 days

    Fragrance: Lemon Creme

    Size: 8oz


    Distilled Water: Purified water that minimizes bacteria growth in hair products.

    Organic Brown Flaxseeds: Leaves hair soft and shiny and is rich in omega 3s. It is also naturally enriched with vitamins and helps to improve hair growth.

    Marshmallow Root Extract: An herbal extract that prevents the gel from flaking and makes the hair feel moisturized without the crunch.

    Organic Argan Oil: Helps to repair, soften and strengthen dry, brittle hair. It also adds shine, helps restores split ends, and protects against heat tools.

    Vegetable Glycerin: Helps to blend the ingredients and to moisturize your strands

    Xanthan Gum: All-natural thickener that combines the gel, oil, and liquids.

    Vitamin E: An anti-oxidant that helps to reduce inflammation, improve hair growth, and repair damaged hair. 

    Fragrance: A beautiful Lemon Creme fragrance. 

    Preservative: Optiphen PLUS, a mild preservative used to prevent the growth of bacteria in your product.

    Citric Acid: A natural ingredient found in citrus fruits that prevents the oils from going rancid and oxidizing. 

    Lemon Creme Fragrance