Fearless - ERICA'S
Fearless - ERICA'S
Fearless - ERICA'S
Fearless - ERICA'S

Spoken Flames


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A wooden wick candle with a unique golden shimmer, FEARLESS has a bold scent fusion of orange peel, clove and cedarwood—so you can take on anything fearlessly.

The moment you light a Spoken Flames® candle, unplug from the world and tune into yourself (and your senses):

  • Hear its soft-crackling wooden wick
  • See its unique golden shimmer
  • Smell its curated scent
  • Feel empowered by its message

Additional Details: 

8.6 oz net weight
55+ hour clean burn
Petroleum-free (No paraffin)
All-natural coconut wax blend
Scent curated by master perfumers
Unique golden shimmer while lit
Hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY
Durable American-made glassware
Wooden wicks crackle like a campfire

Candle Care

Make the first burn the best burn: allow for a full melt pool (~4 hour burn) to prevent tunneling. Keep the wooden wick trimmed short to prevent soot and a tall flame.