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Destress & Detox Anti-oxidant Booster



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HAIRFINITY Detox & De-Stress Antioxidant Booster supports your scalp’s stress reduction abilities with an antioxidant cocktail of curcumin, zinc and grape seed extract. Soothe and protect your scalp, so your hair can grow and thrive, stress-free.*

How It Works

Each ingredient in HAIRFINITY De-Stress & Detox Antioxidant Booster gives you a “boost” of antioxidant ingredients, creating optimal conditions for hair growth.*

Give Your Hair a Boost!

  • Protect your hair with antioxidants

Add Hairfinity Supplement Boosters for a “boost” to your Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamin routine. Created to target your hair’s unique needs and help you reach your hair goals.

Dietary supplements are not meant to substitute a varied and balanced diet.