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Avocado + Vanilla Multi-Conditioner

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Our Avocado + Vanilla Multi-Conditioner will quickly moisturize and condition your hair, face, and body all day long. Bask in its heavenly vanilla aroma! Here are all of the ways you can use this natural and multipurpose conditioner:

♥ Leave-In
Leaves your curls hydrated, shiny, and moisturized with this conditioner. 

♥ Co-Wash 
Deeply penetrate your hair follicles and lightly cleanse your scalp during co-washing days.

♥ Mild Detangler 
The natural slip will allow you to gently detangle your hair in sections. 

♥ Face and Body Conditioner
Nourish your skin after a cleanse with this conditioner, rinse, then apply your favorite Butter to seal in moisture.