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Power Curl Gel

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Beat all weather conditions, without having to compromise on the health of your naturally curly hair. Styling was never so simple and yet so effective - the perfect final look is achieved by using only the finest natural ingredients our planet offers. 

The secret to the perfect curl styling comes from Amazonia 
Dr. Ena wanted to create a more powerful styling product that didn’t rely on synthetics or harsh chemicals to achieve the looks that today’s multicultural women want. 

She looked to South America, and the plentiful, renewable natural options that exist there as part of her formulary approach to Power Curl – a new, moisturizing styling jelly (some call it a gel) that applies easily and defines curls without the crunch, dryness or potential breakage issues that accompany so many other long-lasting styling products made for people with naturally curly and multi-textured hair.

Power Curl takes natural styling to a new level of functional hold without the need for harsh chemicals or nasty synthetics.

Made from a powerful combination of natural sugars, golden flaxseed extract from Brazil and marine algae, there is nothing else quite like Power Curl in the multicultural marketplace. 

Style your hair without damaging 
A jelly that smooths easily into the hair, it provides long-lasting curls without the crunchiness or crispiness that are caused by synthetic binders and harsh chemicals used in many of the high-hold styling products that damage and dries hair. 

Every ingredient that Dr. Ena selects for Many Ethnicities products is purposeful and thoughtfully included. She only adds the top quality natural ingredients you need, and nothing that you don’t, to have the best hair of your life.

Economical product - It only takes a drop to work
Like all Many Ethnicities products, Power Curl steers clear of unnecessary synthetics and uses only finest, concentrated ingredients available especially for multicultural and multi-textural hair. That’s why it works like magic, although it’s science - you only need a small drop to get super defined curls with everlasting hold. Trust us, your curls will thank us, and so will your wallet - a little product goes a long way. 

You always get the same top-quality results in every Power Curl tube. The products are made in the USA and blended in small batches, in a professional manufacturing environment managed by a scientist. Never any animal testing, no sulfates and parabens, no harsh salts, phthalates, sodium chloride, added colors or dyes.