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Freedom Curl Detangling Spray

Freedom Curl Detangling Spray

Many Ethnicities


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Freedom Curl is a smart, natural innovation in the spray detangler category, that works so well Dr. Ena calls it an “untangler.” 

Freedom Curl adds top of the line conditioning agents to assist in ensuring that dry hair is moisturized while tangles are eliminated. 

Dr. Ena never stops thinking about innovative ways to bring meaningful products made from natural ingredients to life. That’s why she designed this lightweight product that suits all ages and is perfect for people on-the-go, who want their curly hair to look and feel amazing, too.  

We looked at the products available in the marketplace today and then started from scratch to build something better with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. And we believe that you are going to love what we’ve created. 

Strengthen your hair with natural keratin-like Protein 

This plant-based detangling conditioning spray contains Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, the planet’s closest natural match to the hair’s Keratin. It helps protect and repair your hair shaft naturally, without harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good in the long term, and superiorly moisturizes your hair with argan and avocado oil.

Like all our other Many Ethnicities products, Freedom Curl is sulfate- and paraben-free, has no harsh salts, phthlates, sodium chloride, added colors or dyes. Dr. Ena carefully selected only the finest natural ingredients for multicultural and multi-textured hair, that will help your curls stay moisturized, feel smooth and look just how you want them to – defined and silky, day by day and wash by wash. 

Economical product: Only a couple of spritzes will do the magic

Freedom Curl’s natural ingredients are concentrated, so a little product goes a long way. A few spritzes will do the trick for you to have extremely manageable, tangle-free and silky curls. And that’s not only better for your hair and the environment, but also for your pocketbook.  

With Freedom Curl, you will always get the same top-quality results in every bottle. All Many Ethnicities products are made in small batches in the USA and are blended in a professional manufacturing environment, managed by a scientist. No animal testing whatsoever and no unnecessary synthetics.