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Kids Light Conditioner

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When Dr. Ena was considering the scope of her line for children, she wanted to ensure that the same level of quality that would be going into her products for adults would be utilized for kids. Health of all kinds begins in youth. 

Frustrated by the oftentimes harsh and unnecessarily synthetic ingredients of the products she had previously purchased for her children, Dr. Ena vowed to fix what was wrong with an industry that treated kids’ hair care needs as less important than those of grown-ups.

When she created Many Ethnicities KIDS Light Conditioner, she believed that using high-quality, natural, safe, gentle and effective ingredients was just as important for children as it was for adults. 

Our KIDS Light Conditioner includes Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, which often is excluded from kids formulations because of its cost. Dr. Ena insisted that we included it because it protects and moisturizes hair like nothing else on the planet, is plant-based and gentle. She also included a select mix of Argan, Avocado 🥑  and Moringa oils, and a purposeful amount of Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)

The result is perhaps the best conditioner for kids in the world, packed with natural ingredients, and designed to meet the unique moisturization challenges that curly kids face. 

Every ingredient that Dr. Ena selects for Many Ethnicities products is purposeful and thoughtfully included. She only adds what you need, and nothing that you don’t to have the best curly hair of your life.

Because we use the finest 🌿ingredients available for multicultural hair on the planet, and steer clear of unnecessary synthetics, 🧴you’ll use less product per application than with other so-called natural multi-cultural curly-hair brands. That’s not only better for your hair and the environment, but much better for your wallet.  

🇺🇸 All Many Ethnicities products are blended in small batches in a professional manufacturing environment managed by a scientist. You always get the same top-quality results in every bottle.