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Multicultural Clear

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Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Clear ™ is the perfect lightweight curl styling gel for your unique blend of multi-textured waves and curls. We know that you love Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls styling lotion because it gives your wavy and curly hair just the right amount of hold without being too heavy or too light.

Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Clear curl styling gel is a gentle styling product that also delivers that perfect balance but in gel form. Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Clear is a quick-drying gel formulated for an ultra-smooth spread that will define your waves and curls and leave them super soft and crunch-free. Other curl styling gels can be too heavy and make your hair look weighed down and stringy. Who wants that? Instead, try Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Clear curl styling gel for frizz-free shiny and glossy curls and waves. You can’t go wrong when you go with Miss Jessie’s --the expert in curls, kinks, and waves! 

Instructions For Use: Evenly distribute a capful or more to damp, freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair. Spread “your” just right amount until you have good coverage. Make sure you scrunch the hair to encourage curl. To dry: either use a diffuser attachment to dry the hair or air dry and GO! To refresh curl, dampen hair and apply a capful or more of Multicultural Clear ™ and repeat steps above.