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Rejuvenate Serum

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For a fresh, youthful glow, Rejuvenate Serum is just the ticket. This all-star face serum serves up a better complexion in three ways: it hydrates, repairs and protects like nothing else you’ve tried. Inside this dropper bottle is a bevy of plant ingredients that help you love the skin you’re in. Vitamin E helps revive damaged skin, while vitamin C oil keeps you glowing and fresh sea kelp pumps your skin with key nutrients. After toning, dab a few drops into thirsty, dry skin and let it absorb. It restores your skin’s water levels from within, helping reveal quenched skin that radiates with beauty. Think of it like confidence in a bottle for dehydrated skin that needs intensive nourishment.

SHELF LIFE: 8 months (Store in a cool area)
PACKAGING TYPE: Glass container 


  • After using our toner water, apply 2-3 drops of serum to face
  • Gently massage serum in a circular motion avoiding the eye area
  • Allow serum to fully absorb before following with a moisturizer


  • Serums penetrate deeply into skin — targeting whatever skin concern you may have
  • Hand crafted with cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients
  • Can be used twice daily on all skin types


  • Aloe Vera, Vitamin C
  • White willow
  • Hyaluronic acid, Tea tree oil

    *All items are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-FreeParaben-Free, and hand-crafted with love.