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Exotic Cool Laid Minty Guava & Kiwi Shampoo

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Refreshing COOL Scalp & Nourished LAID Hair

Exotic Cool-Laid, The HEALTHY “HAIR FOOD” Collection is infused with natural fruit extracts to nourish the hair and scalp with nutrients and natural water. The results: shinier, stronger, healthier hair & scalp! Add this conditioner to your regimen to experience maximum conditioning, softness, and fullness.

The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp!


Minty Guava & Kiwi Shampoo

Guava: Rich in Lycopene to Provide Protection from UV Rays

Kiwi: Loaded with Minerals to Improve Hair & Scalp Health 


  • hydrating fruit essences allow for gentle cleansing without stripping
  • cool mint helps to balance, soothe, & refresh the scalp
  • guava & kiwi softens and moisturizes hair & scalp
  • rich in essential vitamins to maintain hair’s health
  • helps protect hair from harmful UV rays
  • promotes a natural, healthy shine
  • improves body & elasticity


Directions: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water, place applicator nozzle directly on the scalp and squeeze onto to several areas of the scalp. Massage through the scalp and hair. Rinse well. Repeat, if necessary. For best results, follow with Exotic Cool-Laid Sweet Papaya & Pineapple Infinite Conditioner OR Fresh Mango & Passion Fruit Mask